Friday, September 16, 2011

Wow what a day!

Yesterday was such an exciting day I just had to share it with you.  I was very busy opening was so much fun.  First the mailman brought this...

How fun is this one?  I had won three Schnibbles patterns from Thelma and they arrived wrapped like was almost too pretty to open.  Take a minute and check out Thelma's blog, you won't believe the things she does with fabric, AND she is the nicest person.  Thank you Thelma...I can't wait to get started on these...

Three new Schnibbles and oh the possibilities! :)  Then the UPS man brought two packages and the first had this in it...

You cannot imagine how excited I was to get this...until I saw the book with it. :)  I started reading it last night and now I'm really excited.  Just wait until you see what I can do with this program.

The second package contained this from Moda...long story short, the people at Moda are very, very nice.

Last evening I spent 1 hour and 22 minutes on the phone with the person from McAfee antivirus upgrading my software...that was fun.  Everything is done, and we should be good for another year.  :)

Don't forget the FNSI tonight.  I'm so excited to be virtually stitching with all of you.  I had an idea...I know I have people reading that do not have a blog, but will be working on something tonight.  Email me and let me know you will be stitching with me and what you will be working on.  If you don't have a blog and you'd like to show all of us what you are working on, send me a picture by email and I'll post pictures of them tomorrow.

I'll be snuggled in a quilt tonight, watching old movies, and stitching away.  Happy Stitching! 

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Wendy said...

Your schnibble patterns look lovely and the computer programme looks interesting. I wonder what you did on Friday night?