Saturday, September 1, 2018

Happy Labor Day

I don't know where the time has gone since my last post.  It seems the older our children get, the faster time slips away.  My son celebrated his 18th birthday this past month and started his senior year in high school.  Suddenly we are looking at colleges, scheduling ACT tests, and ordering his cap and gown and graduation announcements (yes that was the first week of school).  I just realized my son is the age I was when I started quilting, and what a long and wonderful journey it has been!

I finished my Village quilt and I love it.  This quilt justifies my saving, collecting, (hoarding) of fabrics.  Each house is a different Me and My Sister fabric, and to be honest, I could probably make another smaller one with all different fabrics from their lines too.  I love how they all "go together" and it reminds me of where I was when I purchased the fabrics or what was going on during that time.  I loved using this background fabric too.  What a fun quilt it was to make and a great sew along to be a part of!

The Village quilt photo was taken earlier this summer, and this photo is from this morning.  We had a heavy downpour right before I got outside and everything is still a bit wet, but is a reminder of things to come (hopefully some not so humid weather).  It's a long holiday weekend for us, and a great time to get in the sewing room again.  I made these pincushions for Memorial Day, and obviously 4th of July has snuck by, and now Labor Day, but it is a good reminder that even though the summer months fly, all these fun patriotic things are appropriate for the whole summer.

I will be cutting into these fabrics within minutes for a new sew along with the Fat Quarter Shop. The fabrics are Summer Blush by Sedef Imer and they are wonderful!

It is fun to look back at things accomplished and look forward to things to come.  At some point I want to make my son a graduation quilt.  I have a few ideas for that, but no definite plan yet.  It will be a bit bittersweet, but it seems the best quilts are the ones that commemorate a special occasion (and sometimes have a few tears sewn in).  ;)  Of course all is in anticipation of great things to come!  Happy Stitching!! --Kristen