Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shoo Fly, Shoo Fly, Shoo

Do you remember that song Shoo Fly, Shoo Fly, Shoo....Everytime I sit down to sew some more Shoo Fly blocks that song goes through my head. The only problem is I cannot remember the last line of the song. So over and over I'm singing Shoo Fly, Shoo Fly, Shoo...

It is so much fun seeing what each set will look like.  I am also noticing that I have some very bright fabrics. Won't it be interesting to see how it all comes together the more blocks that are finished.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

My Design Wall Monday

I think I'm finally back into the swing of things.  These last couple of weeks have been a little rough as far as accomplishing anything that even resembles a quilt, but tonight feels like we are back on the right track again.

Once again, here are my Vignette Mystery Quilt Shoo Fly squares and triangles...but this time they are all cut.  It just seemed like it was taking me forever, and to my surprise tonight after finally starting to sew, I realized I had cut double what was needed to for the whole quilt.  So, instead of 60 finished blocks, I will have 120.  Yes, isn't that wonderful to figure out after weeks of cutting?  Now to decide what to do with the other 60, but at least they are cut out already! :)

Here are my first two blocks.  I don't think I will have any trouble sewing all 120 of them together as they are quite fun to do.  Well, they were tonight anyway, ask me at block 105.  :)

I hope you have had a wonderful week.  I'm linking with for My Design Wall Monday.  There are always so many fun things to look at there.  Happy Stitching!  --Kristen

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Squares, triangles, hexies, BOM...the list goes on and on

I've been here, it has just been a really busy week. My brother got married on Saturday, so of course it was one of those wild weeks and things happen that you can never plan for! :) We had a wonderful time and their wedding was beautiful.

There were flower arrangements to be made for the rehearsal dinner, dress clothes to be bought, and places to be. 

Weddings are always so fun to be a part of! (These pictures were taken at my home before they left for the dinner.)

Now back to my WiP!  There are stacks and stacks of squares and triangles all cut for my Vignette Mystery Quilt. 

And there is a stack of hexies all ready to be stitched together for the Vignette Hexagon Quilt.

This block from BOM was actually finished on Friday night.  This is the May block.  The June block is all drawn out and ready to to be stitched. 

I'm linking with WiP Wednesday at  Tomorrow we start the Kaleidoscope quilt along, which I actually think I am ready for.  You can join us at  Happy Stitching and congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Little Brother!  --Kristen

Friday, June 17, 2011


I'm behind, but I am going to be stitching tonight.  You can join us for a virtual sew in if you'd like.  Sign up here  I did check and you can still join us!

I'm going to get to work and will have pictures what to start working on....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I've really been enjoying my vacation this week.  Today I once again worked on my Vignette Hexagon quilt. 

I've finished 51 flowers so far..only 89 flowers to go.  Hmmm...well that doesn't sound like much now does it?  :)

Then I finished my This and That BOM blocks for May.  Now to pick up my June blocks and get finishing the quilt.

And all the while I worked I had my friend Benny to help me.  :)  We stayed home while the boys went to a car show and are now working on a go cart.  They tinker, I sew.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

My Design Wall Monday

My design wall is so full you wouldn't believe it.  Too many great patterns, great fabric, and great weather.  I don't know, but I'm inspired this week.  I sure hope it continues!

I started the day out at my son's basketball camp.  I had packed my bag and was sure I had everything...everything that is except for a SCISSORS!  I know, I know, I usually have a scissors in my purse, bag, and car at all times.  But today there were no scissors anywhere..and I didn't even have my dental floss along that could snip threads in an emergency.  Thank goodness I had my trusty glue pen, cut fabric, and paper hexies.  I basted instead (the hexies), and I also spent time chatting with another mom.  It was an enjoyable morning to say the least.

When we returned home I started cutting (finally) my Vignette Mystery Quilt (the bright strips above).  I've added a few more fabrics in the last couple of weeks because I just felt like it was missing something.  Hopefully soon I will finish cutting and get some sewing started.  I can't wait to see how these Shoo Fly blocks turn out.

My This and That BOM has been a bit troublesome this month.  I ended up having a wrong fabric cut in my kit, so we had to go and pick that up today too.  We are very close to finishing this, and I refuse to give up now!

I'm still trying to add a few more fabrics to my Warm Cool Quilt Along at  I also somehow found myself joining in The Farmer's Wife quilt along at  There are only 111 blocks in that quilt, UH HUM...but I only need to finish two blocks a week.  I'm still chosing fabrics from my stash for the Kaliedoscope quilt at (that doesn't start for another week). 

I'm linking with Design Wall Monday at  If you get a chance, go see what everyone has been working on.  Happy Stitching!  --Kristen

Friday, June 10, 2011

Show and Tell Friday

It's Friday...and I'm on vacation for the next week.  I'm so excited.  We aren't going anywhere, we are staying home. :)  I love staying at home vacations.  At the end of the week I'm not tired from trying to fit in too many things and hopefully, hopefully, hopefully I will actually finish a few projects that need some TLC.

The other day after looking at some of my kitchen towels I thought it was high time I treated myself to a new one.  I found this free pattern at  I love Bird Brain Designs...and who doesn't love a free pattern?  I then took my Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon and purchased a towel.  The pattern suggests using #8 perle cotton, but I used three strands of DMC thread instead as I don't have a shop in town that supplies the perle cotton.  I finished it late last night and it is now looking clean and pretty in my kitchen..for how long (clean), that remains to be seen. 

I am linking today for the first time to Show and Tell Friday at

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Stitching!  --Kristen

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I cannot believe a whole week has gone by.  This has been an extremely busy week, and you are probably wondering why the wedding cake background.  My little brother is getting married soon...and with bridal showers, rehearsals, and dresses to find, I thought I would get in the wedding spirit!

This is truly a "work in progress."  I cut the pieces for my This and That "Cobblestone Lane" block of the month.  Now I need to go and get these blocks sewn together.  Only one month left and I can start finishing the quilt.

Of course I'm still working on my Vignette hexagons.  I have been basting and basting and basting hexies as my son has a three-hour a day basketball camp next week, and I will have a lot of time to stitch.  :)

I also found another quilt-a-long (I know, I know), but this one is fun, and there is a mini quilt to make AND I'm using my stash.  These are my "warm colors."  I need to still pick out a few more warms and then work on my "cool colors."  I have a bit of problem with the cool colors as I don't tend to use a lot of blues or greens...  Should be interesting.  If you would like to join us you can go to to get the instructions.  I'm a bit behind, but they are just starting the cutting now.  I thought it would be fun to really challenge myself with the use of color. 

And last, but certainly not least, I finally finished this quilt.  Everytime I look at it all I think of is summer.  It has been so hot here this week (over 100 degrees) and this reminds me of a cool summer pool and green grass.  I just love the Dilly Dally fabrics and the pattern can be found here...

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Here are my WIP for this week....

This quilt is from the Moda Bake Shop is called Candy Bar Pinwheels and can be found here...  It was fast and fun to make.  I used more of my Dilly Dally fabric that I just cannot seem to get enough of.  Hopefully I will be sitting in my swing (which you can kind of see) tonight and finishing the binding.  I should add a little note that I started this quilt at 3:30 yesterday afternoon...if I hadn't gone to soccer practice and fed my family it would have been finished, but alas, the masses were not up for cereal or fasting last night.  :)

I'm also going to be joining another quilt along.  :) I know, I know, I can hear the groans and see the rolling eyes.  My husband is going to be so excited for me!  But I love these and this quilt is going to be so much fun.  You can find it here...  or on my sidebar here...

I'm also going to be linking to for WIP can go check out what the others have been working on too!  Happy Wednesday!  --Kristen