Saturday, August 29, 2015

Friday Quilting

I'm so excited to finish this quilt.  After hemming and hawing for days I finally just bit the bullet and starting quilting.  It isn't perfect, but it is so much more than I expected I could actually do on my sewing machine!

I have a few grids to complete, and I need to figure out what I am doing in the borders.  I honestly believe that just doing is the best way to learn.

Is there anything more fun that learning something new?  No matter how old I get I am always learning, and doesn't that make life fun?!  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Vacation and More Finishing

I missed a few Fridays, mostly because they were spent doing prep work.  I've learned that doing prep work, while being mostly mundane and boring, if done correctly can make a job easier and look better when it is completed.  However, that does not mean I always enjoy it!

This weekend I spent many hours basting these quilts (and a few more) so that I can start quilting them.  I have spent months researching machine quilting watching videos, taking online classes, and reading books by different authors on their way of machine quilting with a domestic machine. Although I've quilted many, I'm ready to start trying new designs (i.e., lose the stipple).  My biggest fear has always been what if I mess it up, or what if it isn't all I want it to be when I'm finished.  Well, all of these quilts have sat for a long time waiting to be finished, and none of them are going to be entered in a quilt show, so I'm ready to start trying new techniques.  They are all ready to go, now I just need to start.  I'm hoping I will have something exciting to share soon...and I will share even if it isn't exciting.  ;)

One week of my vacation was spent working on this ornament.  I had gone to a needlework shop a while ago and had all kinds of neat stitches drawn out for me to use on this, and for some reason they were not in my "to go" bag.  So, when away from home with limited to no options for purchasing supplies or finding help, I did what anyone else in that situation would do, I bought a downloadable stitch book from Amazon and did my own thing.  He is tiny, and it really actually took me most of the week to finish him, but he will have a special spot on my Christmas tree this year.  I will always remember my week sitting in perfect weather outdoors stitching away the days. 

 I also finished this embroidery and made it into a pillow.  The pattern is from and it was a dream to work on.  The pattern is printed on the material, you just choose your threads and stitch away.  It was such a fun sampler to do with many different stitches, some of which I had never done before.  The best part, it is finished!  YAY!

The summer days are quickly fading away and the cool fall air is here.  My son starts high school in a couple of weeks and is finishing driver's training.  It is such a fun time, and it makes me realize that these kids grow up quickly, like a flash, and all a once they are the young adults we once were.  Happy Stitching!! --Kristen

Monday, August 3, 2015

Some English Paper Piecing

Good Morning!!!  It always amazes me how a long weekend away can invigorate and inspire a person.  Now believe me, this was no amazing trip somewhere fantastic, and as a matter of fact we spent most of it in a gym watching my son play basketball, but we needed it.  Sometimes I forget that while I work from home, and I love my home, I need to leave it and get away.  Not only for new scenery, but just to realize there are lots of fun things to do and see.  It was my son's 15th birthday this weekend, and we spent it doing things he loves to do.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time passes, and the memories are precious.

I brought along my Floating Colours pieces...this looked like a huge number of pieces that were going to make a lot of blocks when I left with my bag of basted X's.  It doesn't look like so many now.  :)  It is a good start, but I have a ways to go needing another 92.  It was mindless stitching that I could do while still watching my son and talking to my husband.  So not only did I not miss out on anything, I have some blocks done to remember my weekend by.  I can't wait to get started on the second blocks, but I have a LOT of basting to do before then, and other projects to work on too.  I'm thinking this is one of those hopefully not too long term ones that never ends.  Guess I need to get my papers and glue out again and keep working!

The morning sun is beautiful and there is a cool breeze perfect for taking photos.  It is one of those August days we live for and long for all summer.  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Friday Sewing

I am getting used to these odd hours, kind of, and although the working into the evening isn't my favorite part of the week, Fridays are slowly becoming something to look forward to.  I am finding my way back into my sewing room on a regular basis, and I'm loving it.

This week I decided a little Christmas in July was in order.  This is a Nancy Halvorsen tablerunner and there is another nativity scene on the other end.  While it is close to being finished, Joseph still needs his mustache, and I need to quilt it.  The hay in the manger is perle cotton and was a lot of fun to add.  I watched White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life while sewing, and thankfully the sewing room was cool because it was HOT and humid outside.  And to think, Christmas is only five months away.  I have my "to go" sewing bag packed for this Friday...I'm taking some handwork with me.  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Life...and new adventures

It's been a while again since I've posted, and it hasn't been for lack of working on things, or maybe it has.  My paying job has been in a bit of an upset lately with hours changed from working early mornings to late afternoons/evenings and now working nights on the weekends which is not something I relish at all.  I'm not quite sure how all this happened, but it has, and my husband tells me I don't do well with change.

While I was on vacation (over a month ago) I started working with my 9-patches.  I found a fun pattern called Bubble and Squeak by Emma Jean Jansen.  I made it bigger and resized it for my sized 9-patches.  I love the way it is turning out, and am hoping to finish piecing and quilting it soon.

I've also been making some very small (1/2-inch) hexie flowers with Kaffe fabrics.  I guess I like to see what I can do with all the bright colors, stripes, shapes, and patterns in these fabrics.  It is a challenge without being something I really have to think about.

I've also been working with different English paper piecing shapes.  Once again, the challenge of working with the different shapes not only stitching them, but basting them is intriguing to me while also being kind of mindless.

With my new work hours I will have every Friday off and I'm going to plan to spend Fridays sewing/piecing/quilting/blogging.  My project today was this embroidery from Nydia Kehnle.  I used Sampler Threads Tutti Fruitti and Kiwi.  It was such a fun stitch I may have to go back and order a few more states after this one is finished.

Here is to new adventures in sewing, new work hours, accepting change, and making it great for me (did I mention I really don't do well with change?).  Happy stitching!!  --Kristen

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Quiltcation Day Two

Funny how when you plan things you just can't foresee what is going to happen.  I woke up yesterday with an extreme case of vertigo (dizziness) and as the day progressed it got worse.  Today I'm feeling like I am going to survive, although I'm still walking like I'm on a ship in high seas. :)

Yesterday I finished piecing the border for my X-Rated Schnibbles.  YAY!  This was a fun quilt to make and the fabric (Snug As A Bug by Melly and Me for Riley Blake) is so fun that I'm happy I have a few scraps left to work with for something else.

The day is early and I'm ready to get back into the sewing room.  We will see how far I make it today, hopefully another quilt top finished?!?!?  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen

Monday, June 1, 2015

Quiltcation (a.k.a. Staycation)

This year instead of traveling we decided we needed a vacation at home to do the things we love to do and never have time for.  We all have our hobbies (my husband loves to work on old cars and my son never has time to play the video games he has collected) so we decided to spend a week together, but doing the things we each enjoy doing.  This has been very nice so far because our meals are spent talking about what we are working on and everyone is very relaxed, which isn't that the point of a vacation anyway?!?! :)

This quilt is for my niece who was born in January.  When I saw this pattern here called the One Block Quilt I knew it was the one for her.  I am using flannels because of course nine months out of the year it is cold in Minnesota, and I also wanted a little larger quilt because babies grow so quickly.  My plan is to get this quilted this week, and I am hoping to share something fun I'm using for the backing (we will see how it works before I share it with you).  I have a lot of applique to work on tonight for another quilt, and hopefully I will have more of that to show soon too. Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen