Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Well Valentine's Day has come and gone again.  I almost had this finished and then I got sick and everything kind of stopped in its tracks.  I did get it finished though and it will be ready for next year.
Then I decided to finish these doves.  Yes they are Christmas ornaments and yes they are on a Christmas tree.  :)  It is a small tree and it will be going away tonight.  I had found these ornaments in a magazine many years ago (I'm not kidding and yes, it is a recurring theme for me).  There was no pattern for them and I must have free hand cut out the doves because I couldn't find a pattern that I had used.  I of course made 8 of them because I can never just make one.  I can't wait to put them on my tree in my office next Christmas.  I do better if I finish these things now while I'm thinking about it, otherwise I tend to wait until the last minute and then I don't get to use them (or I get sick and don't get to use them).

It was also brought to my attention that some of the pictures are hard to see.  If you double click on the pictures you can see the projects up that a good thing or bad??!! :)

Thanks for stopping by...I just love getting comments and being able to share some of the things I've completed.  It has been a great incentive to get these projects done and it is so fun to be able to share them!  Now to work on a couple of quilt blocks that need to be done before the end of the month...and that means I don't have much time.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This was one of those projects that has been pushed around for a couple of years.  It was in one of those bags that has handles and you can see through it.  I love the colors in his afghan and everytime I walked by the bag it called out to me to finish it.  I took a crochet class and this was the project.  My problem...I couldn't figure out how to finish it.  Well, Sunday I decided no more, I was going to pick out a stitch and use it and that was going to be it.  I think it is one of my favorites!  It is the perfect size to use on the couch.  It isn't too hot or too cold, it is just right.

  Now to go see what the next project will be to finish....maybe something for Valentines Day?  :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another finish

I finished this sweater on Sunday.  Pretty sad that I started it about hmmm 5 years ago.  It is finished now and I love it, but it is about 3 sizes too big.  The good thing is that I can tear it apart and make it fit.  The bad part is, I don't want to.  I love that I can wear it big and be really warm.  It is a self striping yarn and it is so soft.  Makes me want to go knit, but on something else.  :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm back...

Okay, so obviously this is going to take some time to figure out what I am doing, and yes I did take a class the other day to try and figure out how to do this, but it seems it does take a bit of trial and error.  I thought I'd try and post some more of my recent finishes.  As I was going through them I realized I have a few more than I thought.  :)  YEAH...that means progress.

This first quilt is from the pattern Butterchurn by This and That.  I challenged myself to use only two charm packs, which was a huge challenge for me.  I did it, and then when I got done I didn't like it.  I'm still not so sure about it, but it is growing on me a bit.  Maybe in a few years (months) I'll get it quilted and use it :)

This quilt pattern I bought in a kit a few years ago.  The pattern is Starry Patch by New Leaf Stitches.  They were using it as a tabletopper in a quilt shop and I just fell in love with it.  Now to sit down and get it quilted so I can use it this summer on our table.

This cross stitch pattern is Sunflower Inn by Little House Needleworks and I have loved it for a long time.  After I was in the hospital I decided it was a great project to finish.  Now I just have to figure out if I should frame it or make it into a pillow.  I'm thinking frame...any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to leave a comment telling me what you like or don't like.  Please be nice though! :)  I'm just starting out and have some work to do with my photography, but I'm hoping to get some help there too soon.  By looking at my finishes it looks like I'm thinking a lot about summer.  Now to get ready to go for a 2 mile walk for childhood cancer.  It is supposed to be 30 degrees today so that should almost seem like summer is close.