Friday, March 18, 2011

Wow, what a week!

Okay, so I know it has been more than a week...but not only have we had a lot happen, I have actually finished a few more things!  This Spring Rabbit Banner has been calling my name for many, many years.  I started it and had the border and spring letters done and then left it . Every spring I pulled it out, looked at it, and then put it back away.  Well this spring she called my name and it was the perfect project to work on while I watched all the news coverage of the earthquake in Japan.  I still have to put the backing on, but that will be done tonight (hopefully). :)

Remember this project?  It's Leprechaun Lodge from  Last Saturday I decided I would make the tuck pillow for it. I didn't actually have a pattern for the pillow and it was a bit more complicated than I you can see I ended up making three pillows and there are a lot of other scraps on my ironing board.  I may still end up taking it apart again, but that will be next year.

This little pin cushion was a lot of fun to do...and I love the wool that was in the kit.  I know when I bought the kit I thought the flower was going to be purple so I was a bit surprised to open it and find blue.  I really do like it now that it is done, so sometimes surprises are good?!

And last, but not least, is my Christmas ornament bird from Lizzie Kate.  I love her!  It was so fun to make and just cute.  If I keep finishing an ornament a week, I could have about 40 ornaments for my tree by the time I decorate it.  FUN!  A good incentive to keep working on them.

I should probably make a little confession...I thoroughly cleaned my house the week after Christmas and organized all the projects I've had for a long time that need some kind of finishing, have been started and left, or have never been started and made a goal of trying to see how many I could finish in one year.  I've got a pretty good start.  Hopefully I can continue to make my "to do" pile a lot smaller.  See you soon!

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BRD Girl said...

Your "Leprechaun Lodge" looks great in a tuck pillow - so thrilled you stitched it!...and now you have a couple extra pillows for future projects. :-) Really like the wool pin cushion and the colors. Very fun to see all your recent finishes!