Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Okay so March is going faster than February did and I thought February flew by...but then I've been busy again..and I have finished a few more things this week.  YEAH!

These are from my block of the month from This and That.  They were more complicated than the first two blocks, but I love them.  Now I need to go and pick up my next two blocks for March, which I plan to do this weekend when I get to go on a quilt shop hop!!!  I'm going to try and be good and just get my blocks, but I have five stores to stop at..and well, you know, they all have such great ideas.  :)

Some of you have seen this this scarf before, but I wanted to share it with those of you who haven't. I finished it in January I think...and I finally tackled cables and they were easier than I thought they would be.  In fact, I have avoided them all together for a long time because I thought they were too complicated.  If you would like the pattern it is free at  The little pillow was a free pattern too from Lizzie Kate, but I received that with a purchase a long time ago.  She might have it on her website under free patterns if you would like to check.

This last project is a free pattern at under freebies.  I love it, and I'm going to attempt to make a little pillow like the one I used for the Lizzie Kate pattern, but I bought the star one.  I wanted to get this St. Patrick's pattern up here so if any of you would like to make it and finish it before the 17th you'd still have time.  I just used a left over piece of linen to make mine.

Well, do you suppose since I boiled my potatoes dry I should take the hint and get started on making some new potatos for dinner or maybe just try to eat them.  I hope your dinner is better than ours tonight!  Thanks for visiting.

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Jackie said...

Thanks for the comment about my lego Kristen... when I made the quilt I made sure my boys were at school so I could 'borrow' their lego=)