Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daffodils and a Winner

I look at these blocks all day long everyday.  The calendar sits on my desk and when I sit down to work the first thing I do is flip the page.  I looked at this block all day today and for some reason I had no idea what I was in for.

The pieces are small, some of them 1-1/2 inches small.  There are a lot of them and there is applique.  I'm also thinking these flowers need some leaves.  There were none on the pattern, but I'm still thinking about adding some...although I'm not sure if daffodils have leaves.  I grow them, but I never pay attention.  Isn't that awful?  This is an 8-inch block and is number 130 of 366.  The winner of the magazines was Wendy.  I will be sending you an email shortly and your magazines will be in the mail.  Happy Stitching!!  


Anonymous said...

Some gorgeous blocks this week!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Hi Kristen, love the daffodils, I think they have long strappy leaves starting from the bottom of the stem. Thanks so much for the give away, I'm very excited about receiving mail from you. Wendy xx