Friday, March 9, 2012

Coffee Cup and a Hexie

That title kind of sounds like a book title...I suppose it could be "Coffee Cups and Hexies."  I'm tired, it is late, and I've had a really long day, can you tell? :)

I know, it looks weird, but once the seam allowance isn't showing anymore it will look like a normal coffee cup.  It is number 69 of 366 and is a 6 x 4-inch block.

Here is hexie number 135, only 5 to go.  Maybe tomorrow?  I'm not going to get too excited because I just never know what is going to come up during a day, but it sure would be nice to start working on the embroidered hexies and then actually putting blocks together.  The new Vignette magazine is out too...that means I really should get started on the embroidery for the mystery quilt.  There is just never enough time for everything...but it sure is fun to try.

We didn't get to see the Northern Lights tonight, it is just too cloudy.  I sure hope we get to see them this year, I'm not giving up yet.  Happy Stitching!!      --Kristen

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Wendy said...

Lovely cup block, you have lots of pretty kitchen blocks now. I love your cross stitch in the previous post too, you are keeping up so well!