Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some More Progress and Underground Railroad

Today was an eventful and fun day.  We traveled to my son's last basketball tournament of the season.  They played well and won a game, so we all had a good time.  I worked on some more hexies, but I will show those tomorrow.  When I got home I was motivated to see some progress on my son's quilt...

I finished six more blocks today.  As I don't have a picture of the finished quilt, I didn't realize that when I put the blocks together the squares on the corners would line up.  I didn't take a lot of time laying them out now, but they are striking.  I still have a lot of blocks to put together, but I know the whole family is really looking forward to this one being completed.

Today's block, Underground Railroad, number 42 of 366, is a 12-inch block, and I really wish the photo did the fabrics justice.  I used Darlene Zimmerman's fabrics yesterday and today and this one is a lot brighter in person.  It went together easily, and I would love to do a whole quilt with this block too...however, my husband nervously asked me tonight just what we are going to do with all these blocks (I don't think he ever thought I would make it this far).  I just smiled and said, "wait and see."  :)  I'm actually thinking of heading back to the sewing room to see if I can finish just one more block for my son's quilt...Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen


beaquilter said...

the quilt is looking great.
I'm curious to see your hexagons, I'm doing pentagons to turn into a fabric ball but the book doesn't say how to attach the fabric to the template, I think I know, but it's look looking tight, we'll see I guess

Wendy said...

Your son's quilt is looking amazing, you are progressing really quickly. Love the new block too!