Friday, February 10, 2012

Lincoln's Cabin Home

I wonder if Honest Abe's real house was as hard to build as this one was.  I should have known because I've heard all about how fun this block is for the Just Takes 2 quilt.  That one was paper pieced so I was pretty excited when I saw this block was pieced...that is until I had to use templates.

Maybe it was just too late in the day to be working on it...or maybe I was just too tired, but those templates were something else.  Oh well, it's done and I will move on, except I have to make another one of these blocks for my Just Takes 2 quilt.  I'm going to wait until tomorrow to decide which way to make it.  This is a 9-inch block and is number 41 of 366.  Happy Stitching!! --Kristen


Sue said...

Very nice, I love houses in quilts but have never made any, now I know why!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous house. Tried to leave you a comment the other day and blogger wouldn't let me. I'll have to headback and do that now - fingers crossed.