Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A very productive week :)

This is for my block of the month project I am participating in this year.  The pattern is by This and That.  I'm really enjoying working on it.  I really like the fabrics, and we make two of each block each month. 

This next project is from Heart and Hand and I started it in 2001. I had a major problem though, it had a unicorn on it for the "u" and I used to have nightmares about unicorns.  So instead of just stitching the unicorn I left it sit.  I finally drew up an umbrella this weekend and stitched it..and I really like it!  I kept thinking this piece needed a little more purple in it. :)

 I also finished some more Christmas ornaments.  My little tree is down now, but I have a box I am bound and determined to fill with finished ornaments this year.  Hopefully when November arrives and it is time to decorate that tree I will have quite a start.  I'm motivated so hopefully that box will be full.

Last, but not least I finished some more grandmother's flower garden blocks.  The more I work on this quilt the more I love it.  I still have a lot of hexagons all ready to stitch together, I just need to make my color combination choices.

This week has been kind of a rough week...and when I get stressed I either stitch or clean and pray and obviously I stitched this week.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my stressful week.  :)  I'm hoping this next week isn't as stressful, but is as productive.  I have a large "to do" list so we shall see. 


Merrilee said...

A little stress is sometimes good in our lives. Probably a little less basketball helps too. Great job this week!

Jackie said...

You are totally productive, love the hexagon blocks! thanks for following, i will do the same. And good luck in the giveaway.