Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Celebrating Summer

Whew, its been a long time since I've been back.  Right before my last post I had a "cardiac event" due to to the flu, which was in January, and before they had testing for COVID.  It seems like a lifetime ago, and after a lot of testing, it was determined that my event (aka heart attack) was due solely to the flu.  There was no heart damage, no blockage, no heart disease.  I just woke up one morning knowing something was horribly wrong.  My heart rate was over 200 and after stopping and restarting my heart it went back into regular rhythm.  I then spent over a week in bed very ill.  I am being tested in a few weeks to see if I have the COVID antibodies, which who knows, but a couple of things...take care of yourselves.  Know your body and if you think something is wrong, get in and get some help.  Do what you can to stay well.  I have no idea where I picked up what I had, and as a matter of fact, my first symptom of being unwell was the racing heart...the fever, bodyaches, loss of sense and smell, and HORRIBLE cough all came later.  I'm better now, and other than working from home and basically staying home, I am well. :)

Now on to the fun stuff...I have been working on a few things here and there, and I will be posting more about those in future posts. Today I wanted to share my latest project...

The pattern for this quilt was on the Bernina blog.  The pattern is by Cherry Guidry and is a quick and easy stitch.  The pattern is downloadable and easy to print.  I printed directly on Lite Seam-A-Seam 2, and within minutes I was cutting the shapes out and sewing.  Cherry even has the stitch sizes listed for the blanket stitch.  

I did quilt mine as Cherry did with a wavy free motion pattern.  I basically made a wavy line and kept quilting a quarter inch apart the rest of the way.  I seriously always thought this was maybe a bit too tough for me to do, but it wasn't.  Within a couple hours I had the top quilted and was ready to bind.

Now I'm off to see about sewing up some new patriotic pillows.  I've found a couple of patterns to try, and I'll post photos and info after they are complete.  A day after my "cardiac event" (I hate saying heart attack) my husband contacted some people and we are moving at the end of this month.  My house is completely packed up except a sewing machine and a few tools, so we will see what I can actually do.  The exciting part is there is a new sewing room in a new house waiting for us.  I guess something good is coming from something scary, and it was just what we needed to make the decision to move.  Take care everyone, and Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen

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