Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mini Scrap Patch Bag

I am so far behind, and it seems time is flying faster than ever.  I can hardly believe we are half way through November!  I have a senior in high school and to say that this year is fun filled and action packed is an understatement.  The Mini Scrap Patch Bag is a quick sew, and would make a perfect project for Christmas gifts that requires a small time commitment. 

Calling it mini is kind of deceiving, because you really can fit much more in it than you would think.  The pattern calls for Mini Charm that may be the reason for the use of "mini."  ;)

I used Christmas Figs Mini Charm pack, a 24-inch Chartreuse zipper from ByAnnie, and the Quiltsmart 2-1/2" grid panel to make it.  The complete pattern can be found here.  I have another quilt to share that is finished and ready to go...November 28 is the date for that.  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen


barbara woods said...

missed reading you blog lately

beaquilter said...

Great to see this post! little scrap bags are great!
Oh yeah, have you not blogged in a while?
BTW you should apply to become and Island Batik ambassador!???