Friday, April 14, 2017

A Person Would Think...

That for as long as it took me to sew these four stars they were super difficult, but they aren't.  It was just a week of physical therapy appointments, doctor appointments, my son's spring sports, and some travel.

And if you can believe this...I actually got in trouble for NOT sewing enough!  After all, it is my "therapy" for my hands, working on my fine motor skills, grasp, pinch, and grip strength.

I never in my life ever figured I would get in trouble for not sewing enough.  I almost had to laugh.  In fact, my therapist told me I should actually start a blog or write a book so I would be typing some.

When she said that I just smiled.  Oh if she only knew!  So, now I have "doctor's orders" to sew and blog.  Its almost funny in a way.  I said I would work on that and see where we are next month.

Unfortunately, the orders are just for sewing now.  Hopefully the machine quilting will be not far behind because I have a stack of quilts to quilt.

Thelma at Cupcakes N' Daisies has started her sew along quilt, and it is amazing already, so make sure you see how far she has come.  I have a lot of strips to sew together this week for the border and then it will be time to put the quilt together.  Whoohoo!  And now I have to sew everyday!  Seriously, how lucky could I get?!?  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen

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