Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Vacation and More Finishing

I missed a few Fridays, mostly because they were spent doing prep work.  I've learned that doing prep work, while being mostly mundane and boring, if done correctly can make a job easier and look better when it is completed.  However, that does not mean I always enjoy it!

This weekend I spent many hours basting these quilts (and a few more) so that I can start quilting them.  I have spent months researching machine quilting watching videos, taking online classes, and reading books by different authors on their way of machine quilting with a domestic machine. Although I've quilted many, I'm ready to start trying new designs (i.e., lose the stipple).  My biggest fear has always been what if I mess it up, or what if it isn't all I want it to be when I'm finished.  Well, all of these quilts have sat for a long time waiting to be finished, and none of them are going to be entered in a quilt show, so I'm ready to start trying new techniques.  They are all ready to go, now I just need to start.  I'm hoping I will have something exciting to share soon...and I will share even if it isn't exciting.  ;)

One week of my vacation was spent working on this ornament.  I had gone to a needlework shop a while ago and had all kinds of neat stitches drawn out for me to use on this, and for some reason they were not in my "to go" bag.  So, when away from home with limited to no options for purchasing supplies or finding help, I did what anyone else in that situation would do, I bought a downloadable stitch book from Amazon and did my own thing.  He is tiny, and it really actually took me most of the week to finish him, but he will have a special spot on my Christmas tree this year.  I will always remember my week sitting in perfect weather outdoors stitching away the days. 

 I also finished this embroidery and made it into a pillow.  The pattern is from and it was a dream to work on.  The pattern is printed on the material, you just choose your threads and stitch away.  It was such a fun sampler to do with many different stitches, some of which I had never done before.  The best part, it is finished!  YAY!

The summer days are quickly fading away and the cool fall air is here.  My son starts high school in a couple of weeks and is finishing driver's training.  It is such a fun time, and it makes me realize that these kids grow up quickly, like a flash, and all a once they are the young adults we once were.  Happy Stitching!! --Kristen


Needled Mom said...

You are going to have fun playing around with your quilting. I love your little ornament AND the great pillow.

Michiel said...

Kristen, I was in exactly your position regarding machine quilting for years and years. Finally this last year, I did just like you: basted a bunch of tops, watched oodles of craftsy classes and videos, and finally took a deep breath, said a prayer, and started. I am amazed at how well it's going! Not perfect, but looking good, better with each quilt, and most important, finished! Now I'm liking the quilting as much as the piecing. Best of luck to you!