Monday, November 4, 2013

Three Finished Quilts, Design Wall Monday, and Voting

There are times in life when things get so out of control we just need to step back, take a deep breath, and work on something that takes our minds off all the other "stuff."  I had mentioned a while back that I was reorganizing my sewing room and found a lot of projects that weren't finished just because I got stuck, maybe I didn't know how to finish it, quilt it, or it had a problem and I set it aside hoping to finish them some day.  This past week I finished three, but I'm only going to show you two today (come back tomorrow).

I guess you could say this one is scary.  I hate the way the stripes turned out for the background, but it does look pretty great with some ceramic pumpkins on has a use and can be used and it is finished! :)  And for the most part the background will only kind of be seen.

This one I wasn't sure on the blanket stitch around the stars.  I know, silly huh?  It is finished now and is ready for the perfect little spot that has been waiting for it.

This quilt is my son's quilt.  Started far too long ago and is on the design wall just waiting to be finished...which is going to be this week...hopefully.  My son is sick in bed and I'm just hoping I'm not going to come down with it.

Finally, if you would like to vote for my quilt the voting is now open.  You just click the little heart in the corner of the photos here.  You can vote for one quilt in each category and the voting is open until Friday, November 8.

Whew, okay that is it for today.  I will post my third finished project tomorrow.  :)  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen

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