Thursday, May 23, 2013

Big Plans For The Weekend

Every time there is a long holiday weekend I tend to do one of two things, I either plan to do so many things I am overwhelmed and never accomplish much, or I plan nothing and get a few things done, knowing if I had planned ahead a little I could have stitched more.  I am also one of those people who does not really like to sit still and do nothing during these weekends, so this year I thought I would try something different.  Like plan to work on two projects and see if I can't make some major headway on both of them.

This is one of those 12-month cross stitch pattern projects and the fabric is 4 feet long.  The border along the bottom goes the whole length of the fabric and it is completed.  Now I need to start working on the main patterns.  I'm hoping to get at least a few months' worth of patterns stitched this weekend.

This should be completed or near finished by Monday.  It is a small Schnibble.  The apple blossoms were flying like snow in our backyard this morning and the lilacs are beautiful and smell so sweet that I can't help but bring in a bunch everyday.  Spring has finally sprung, although late, but I will take it.  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen


Needled Mom said...

Both projects have gorgeous colors. I hope you get lots finished.

Wendy said...

Lovely projects Kristen, that is good work to get the border done on your cross stitch! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, hugs Wendy

Jenny Watson Blogs said...

Wish you all the best for your big plans I hope you will finished them all.