Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Morsel and A Star

I seriously spent the majority of the day trying to figure out where to start for this year.  I finally decided rather than starting something just to be starting it, I'm going to keep looking for what I really want to work on and keep laying all those blocks out looking for a good way to put some together.

I wanted to participate in the Schnibble's parade again and had looked at the Morsel pattern more than a few times.  What I ended up doing is using the techniques, but none of the measurements used in the pattern.  I had a few honey bun strips left over from a project I had done a few years ago and I thought they would make a perfect Morsel.  I quilted it, added my ribbon and stuffed it.  I realized in the photo the green strip in the middle actually looks like a decorator fabric, but it isn't, it is just the pattern on the  fabric.  I am going to leave this by my stitching spot so I can put my pins in it rather than the couch.

Here it is with the journal cover I made a few years back.  I think I should actually start using the journal too, maybe using it to draw out quilt layouts for all those blocks. ;)

And then because old habits die hard I had to make a block.  I only need to make 39 more of these for a quilt (there are also 40 applique blocks in the quilt).  They sew together so quickly that I almost made two...and at one a night, they will all be finished by the middle of February.  Each block is made out of different fabrics so no two will be the same.  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen


Wendy said...

I love your comment about taking time to choose your project and only making what you really want. I am trying to do that this year too, trying to resist rushing into sew-alongs instead of really wanting to make the project! I love your pincushion and journal cover, very pretty.

LesQuilts said...

The stars and applique sound very interesting! Looking forward to seeing your progress!
Take care, Leslie

Izzy said...

I love your Morsel. And the journal cover!

Michele said...

That Morsel is adorable :-) you've inspired me to make a few more!