Sunday, September 30, 2012

Texas Puzzle and Stash Report

Ever work on a creative project so long you just get stuck.  I'm there.  I've been thinking and planning a project for three weeks and I'm stuck so I took a break and made today's block.  That being said I only have a few hours to finish this project and that means I had better get some good ideas quickly.

Half-square triangles and simple strips...easy.  I think that was a good thing for today seeing as how I'm having such trouble.  It was an easy, don't think about it block, and I would actually love to make a quilt out of it.  This number 274 of 366 and it is a 9-inch block.

Stash Report....

Used this week:  0
Used year to date:  10 yards
Added to this week:  10.5 yards
Added to year to date: 118.0 yards
Net used for 2012:  -107.50  

One of these days my numbers are going to change and everyone will be in shock, including me! :)  I did almost finish a pumpkin quilt and I have another couple projects that are sooooo close.  Hopefully next week I will have more to report.  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen


krisgray said...

Our numbers are about the same. I keep thinking I will begin to break even one day - ha! Who knows, stranger things have happened. Love your block!!

Wendy said...

Love your block and the previous one is pretty too.