Monday, August 20, 2012

Merry Go Round And Round And Round

I feel like I am on a merry go round every time one of these smaller blocks with 1000 pieces comes around.  I honestly think if I could figure out how to paper piece they would be much simpler.  If you look at it from far, far away, it looks fine, but then when you get close up...

So please, just push your chair back a little while you look at this one and kind of squint.  :)  It really does help a person see how it could look if all those points were perfect.  This is block number 232 of 366 and it is an 8-inch block with 76 pieces in it.

My son has been in a 3 on 3 basketball league all summer on Sunday evenings.  He didn't have a formed team so he was just put together with some other boys he had never met before to form their own team.  Most of the other kids have played together before, so my son's team struggled, although they did show so much improvement over the course of the summer.  Tonight was the final night and there were playoffs for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  My son's team wasn't in the running, so they just had games against the other teams who weren't in the playoffs either.  Two of the four kids didn't show up so the teams my son played had to give us a player.  Do you know they had the best time tonight I think they have had all summer.  There was laughing and joking and some really good basketball played.  It was such a good lesson for the adults...maybe sometimes we just need to loosen up, have some fun, and really enjoy ourselves.  Another good lesson for me was that we can never give up, because just when we think we are never going to "get something," we make that half court shot (or get those 1-1/2" half-square triangles just right).  No, I'm not going to give up on these tiny pieces just yet.  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen

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