Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Waves Of The Sea--Number 200!!!

I seem to remember a few days ago making a block like today's, although bigger, and then saying that I had found a miniature quilt made from this block and that I wanted to start it.  Thank goodness I didn't because I made it through today's and I've had enough.  I'm wondering if the miniature tumbler blocks did me in yesterday or if it was the 1-7/8" half-square triangles today.  I've put that magazine away and I'm moving on to tomorrow.

This is block number 200 of 366 and it is an 8-inch block.  There are more blocks finished then there are to do, and 200 was a major goal for me.

This is another bit of fun I had today.  I've never blocked anything this long before AND I realized I had some trouble while casting off, as in it was a bit tight.  I am thinking that blocking it will help with that tight edge, but it took a long time to get it straight, like I'm talking hours.  It isn't quite dry yet, and then as I was watching yet another video on blocking I realized I'm going to have to do this again the next time I wash it.  It may be a long time before the next washing.  I'm just sure it will all be worth it.  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen


Taryn V. said...

What a cool goal, congrats on being past the halfway mark! I love the block. I think blue is one of my favorite colors! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

Lynette said...

Yes! To 200 :D That's a LOT of those blocks to make. It'll surely be one fantastic quilt when it's finished, though.