Sunday, September 4, 2011

Color, color, color...

This week started out with me working on the Honeycomb Schnibble by Carrie Nelson.  The pattern was (is) a bit frustrating for me and this is where I ended up...

Yeah, isn't that exciting? :)  I think I wasn't much in the mood for a pattern that uses the 60 degree marking for cutting on pretty much everything.  I'd figure it out for one piece, have to cut the opposite direction, and it would take me another 15 minutes to figure out which way to hold the ruler again.  After getting this far, I had finally had enough and gave up.  I've thought many times over the weekend that I should try again, but I think it needs a rest (or at least I do).

I love to organize things, and for many years I've wanted to get my DMC thread all organized.  I've also wanted to have one of every color wound on a bobbin and in the box so when I need it I can grab it.

These are the bobbins I wound yesterday.  I watched old movies and wound bobbins and it was just what I needed.  The bobbin count for yesterday...179. 

Here they are all organized by number and in their boxes.  The complete collection fits in the first four boxes.  The last box is full of doubles I have.  JoAnn's has DMC on sale this weekend plus a 10% off coupon so I could pick up the colors I didn't have more economically.  I'm headed now to the sewing room to see what embroidery or cross stitch project I should work on this evening and tomorrow as tomorrow is a holiday!!!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend . Happy Stitching!  --Kristen

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Wendy said...

Your honey comb looks lovely from here but it does sound difficult! You have done very well organising your threads, isn't it a great feeling (although I only have one box, lol).