Monday, April 4, 2011

Working on a thousand things all at once :)

Ever feel like you have a 1001 things going and you don't know which direction to turn first?  I'm there.  I did finish a few things over the weekend, and I have pieces of about 20 other things all over the place.  If I would just spend a few minutes on all of them, they will be done. 

These two embroidery pieces are from Primitive can find the patterns for them at I love looking at all of her patterns on her website.  I found them at Back Porch Quilts in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, a couple of summers ago and I picked up quite a few of her patterns then.  I have fall all ready to go but the buttons so that is something for tomorrow.
I love buttons and when I see some I like I pick them up.  It was so fun to just pick these out of the button jar and use them. The more I look at this "summer" picture the more I notice the color is off a bit.  I'm still fine tuning my knowledge about cropping and coloring my pictures, but I'm sure it all comes with practice.

Two more grandmother's flower garden blocks. I was so excited this weekend to find another fabric for this as I was searching for fabric for my wall hangings.  It is amazing how I have changed my color combination choices.  When I first started this quilt I was so conservative, and now I'm a bit more daring with combining my colors.  Fun to see how a person grows with age.  :)  Don't forget tomorrow is the day we'll draw for the dish cloths.  Just post a comment under the March 30, entry if you'd like to enter.  If it doesn't work, email me at my email address under my profile and let me know.  I've been told by a few people that they have had trouble leaving a comment.  We'll get this all figured out yet. :)  Happy Monday!

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