Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday night finish

I did finish something, although I had plans to finish much more.  One more grandmother's flower garden block finished...YEAH! Any progress is good.  I've been trying to figure out if I want to glue baste my pieces or continue to thread baste them. I tried one kind of glue last night and it was no faster than thread basting.  I found another glue today, and I'm hoping that will be better.  I'm also going to try using my GO! to cut the hexagon fabric shapes out. 

If you have any suggestions on the question of to glue baste or not to glue baste or what type of glue you use, please leave a comment.  I did actually have to use my Flickr account again to post a picture and miraculously it worked...I'm learning, slow but sure.


Sarah said...

Hi Kristen,
When I decided to work on a GFG, I just went searching for directions online. I found this site that was incredibly helpful. If you scroll down a little way to the section called Basting, she shows a way to baste that should be much faster than what you are doing. I've had pretty good success with it so far - it is fast to do and requires little or no work to take the basting stitches out in the end. I can't imagine that glue basting would be any faster than what I am doing now, though I haven't actually tried it. Maybe this will have some useful tips for you:

Kristen King said...

Thank you Sarah, this was a very helpful tutorial and I'm going to try this way of basting today. I'm thinking going through the paper is what has been slowing me down with the basting. :)