Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Friend Is Home

My sewing machine is home and did I celebrate.  It is all clean and running perfectly which makes sewing all the more fun.  It even has a new needle threader, which I don't think I have ever used but somehow was broken.  To celebrate I pieced some of the many stars I cut out this week.

This last block was the one with the middle fabric I cut in half and was not supposed to.  I am glad I waited for it...and I have extra now.  I think there are four stars left, and I am hoping to get started on the applique blocks this weekend.  I will say that the fabrics used for the stars are making me look at possible fabric purchases differently.  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen

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Sherry Of B.S. Crafts said...

Those are awesome! Congrats on getting your sewing machine home! I would be lost without mine and I'm new to this quilting business!