Sunday, September 23, 2012

Winged Square and Stash Report

I decided it was time to start using some of the fabrics in this line that I have been saving.  I do not know why I have been saving them, if they were not my favorites, or if I just did not know how to use them in some blocks, but I decided today was the day to try at least one of them.

This is number 367 of 366 and it is a 12-inch block.  I know I have made something similar this year to this block, and I think I need to start sorting them and see just what I have.  I think that might take a while though.

Stash Report....

Used this week:  0
Used year to date:  10 yards
Added to this week:  10.5 yards
Added to year to date: 118.0 yards
Net used for 2012:  -107.50   

I added another 10.5 yards this week to my stash.  They are all background fabrics that will be used soon, one for my 9-patch quilt and the other for my daily blocks.  There are only 99 days left and then I can add my final tally for all the daily blocks to my stash count...that will be nice.  I didn't realize how long it's been since I've done my stash report, but it gets a bit depressing when there is nothing to put as used, but then again it is just a fun way to see what has been added?!?.  :)  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen


Teresa in Music City said...

I love your blue & yellow fabrics! I know I am tempted to skip the stash report when there is no movement too. I imagine your usage will be pretty high when you are able to count all the blocks.

krisgray said...

Pretty block - one of my favorite color combos! At year's end you will have a nice number in that used column.