Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Southern Belle

The name of today's block would have brought a different picture to mind (at least mine) if I just heard the name before I saw the pattern.  I would have thought complicated, sophisticated, and impossible.  It was none of that, it was just plain simple.  My thought process might be a bit askew though because I've watched Gone With The Wind a few too many times. :)

For some reason I have a feeling if you took a lot of these blocks and made a quilt with them you could probably make a spectacular quilt just by changing the colors of the fabrics.  I really should figure out how to use that Electric Quilt program I have and try to see what I could come up with.  This is block 116 of 366 and it is a 10-inch block.  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen


Talin's Corner said...

Love those 30's fabrics. Great block.

Erin @ Invisible Girl said...

I'd love to see a quilt top with this block used!

Charlie and Wendy said...

I love Gone with the Wind too although haven't seen it for years. Lovely block.