Saturday, July 18, 2015

Life...and new adventures

It's been a while again since I've posted, and it hasn't been for lack of working on things, or maybe it has.  My paying job has been in a bit of an upset lately with hours changed from working early mornings to late afternoons/evenings and now working nights on the weekends which is not something I relish at all.  I'm not quite sure how all this happened, but it has, and my husband tells me I don't do well with change.

While I was on vacation (over a month ago) I started working with my 9-patches.  I found a fun pattern called Bubble and Squeak by Emma Jean Jansen.  I made it bigger and resized it for my sized 9-patches.  I love the way it is turning out, and am hoping to finish piecing and quilting it soon.

I've also been making some very small (1/2-inch) hexie flowers with Kaffe fabrics.  I guess I like to see what I can do with all the bright colors, stripes, shapes, and patterns in these fabrics.  It is a challenge without being something I really have to think about.

I've also been working with different English paper piecing shapes.  Once again, the challenge of working with the different shapes not only stitching them, but basting them is intriguing to me while also being kind of mindless.

With my new work hours I will have every Friday off and I'm going to plan to spend Fridays sewing/piecing/quilting/blogging.  My project today was this embroidery from Nydia Kehnle.  I used Sampler Threads Tutti Fruitti and Kiwi.  It was such a fun stitch I may have to go back and order a few more states after this one is finished.

Here is to new adventures in sewing, new work hours, accepting change, and making it great for me (did I mention I really don't do well with change?).  Happy stitching!!  --Kristen

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Carol S. said...

Sweet and beautiful projects you've been working on! I don't do well with change either unless the change is my idea. I hope you learn to make it great for you so you can spend your Fridays being creative!