Monday, April 28, 2014

Design Wall Monday and a Realization

A person would think after having finally gotten my sewing cabinet in the sewing room and all set up I would be doing nothing but quilting.  I did not mention when I brought the cabinet in I removed everything else from the room forcing myself to go through it all before it came back in.  What a process this ended up being. 

I full well knew that refolding the fabric would be a huge job, and I had planned on getting rid of the things that I would never in this lifetime use.  What I didn't plan on was the realization that some things I really, really thought at one time I would make are now becoming things that if I keep them I will just be storing them, and what good is that?  Instead of it being a quick clean up and sort through, I'm donating, throwing away, and selling things.  As I organize and clean out I'm finding that creative drive is coming back.  I have also decided that in the future if it isn't a project I love, I am going to pass.  By doing this I think the true satisfaction of finishing a project will return, and I won't be making something just because everyone else is.  There is also plenty of room to bring in new finds. :)

We will see how long that decision lasts...but I did finally put something on my newly found design wall.  It is a block from the Morning Joe pattern by Carrie Nelson using the Lovely fabric line by RJR.  I love my clean, organized space and can't wait to get back at it!  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen


Ale jc said...

Ahhh spring cleaning...nothing quite as refreshing as returning with zest

Shari said...

Good for you! Sew glad your space is becoming welcoming to you...there really is little better than the feel you get as you are creating and you are on a roll and, oh, what do they call the zone?! I pray you have many days like this!

beaquilter said...

your stacks look great and isn't it SEW inspiring to look thru all your fabrics again?

Wendy said...

Your fabrics are beautiful, it can be hard to resist projects on the web but I am trying to be like you and just make things I really love, not because everyone else is doing it :)