Monday, March 25, 2013

A Fun Weekend Trip

This weekend my son had a pinewood derby race (you know, the little cars they spend hours making and race down a track?)  The wonderful thing about my husband and son is that if I have a quilt shop that I would like to visit during our travels, they are always happy to stop.  As a matter of fact this time they told me to go back in after I had shopped for 45 minutes because they were not ready to leave.  They had some game going between their Ipod and phone and they wanted to finish it.

I was hoping that the shop (Olive Juice in Onalaska, Wisconsin) would have some brightly colored wool and they did not disappoint.  The only problem I had was knowing when to stop.  I can now start my Summertime quilt.

I then found some 1/2" inch paper hexagons and a wonderful 2-1/2" pack of Kaffe Fasset fabric squares.  Since I tend to get really nervous during my son's events I decided I should baste a few.  And I obviously got quite a few finished.

They were actually very easy to baste, even with their small size and the glue pen...

I had to laugh a little as my husband never noticed the size until we were on our way home and I was still working on them.  He thinks I'm nuts (but what is new there).  He then told me he sure hoped this wasn't going to be bed sized.  HA!  You never know what can happen once I get started! :)  Happy Stitching!!



Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Isn't that a nice weekend....very nice that they let you enjoy your shopping

Kirsten said...

It was odd this year to not attend a Pinewood Derby, though Gus went as a volunteer. Fun times!

Your hexagons look great.

Anthea said...

Oh wow, they told you to keep shopping?! Don't make us jealous Kristen, LOL x

Sarah said...

Sounds like great fun! Love your tiny hexies.

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