Sunday, December 30, 2012


It seems at the beginning of a new year we are all looking to make a resolution or resolutions that will make improvements in our quality of life, health, wealth, general well being, or setting a goal that was maybe before unachievable.  Over the last few days I've been thinking about making one or two resolutions for 2013, but have not quite decided yet in which direction to go.  I still have a few days to think about it, thankfully.

I would normally never have chosen to make this block, but because of a resolution I made at the beginning of this year I am.  Templates were involved once again, and I think I would have preferred it had the points been in a different placement.  Although this maybe would not have been my first choice for a block to make, I'm glad I did because not only did I learn something while making it, I expanded my horizons, and isn't that what resolutions really are all about? This is number 364 of 366 and this is a 13-1/2 inch block.  Happy Stitching!  --Kristen


Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Good luck!

Fignie said...

Good luck with your resolution search -- the block looks pretty neat! Would make a nice pillow top.