Thursday, November 29, 2012

Harvest Basket

First of all, I need to thank those of you who were kind enough to share a story about another mother who let a broken bone made me smile and realize that there is hope for me as a mother. :)  My son has the brightest yellow cast you can imagine.  He is already back at basketball practice and is taking it all in stride.  I'm sure this is one of those times we will talk about years from now at Thanksgiving and hopefully laugh about. 

This is one of the last baskets for the year and it is a bit different than most.  I feel like I cheated as I machine appliqued the handle, but then I remembered that trying new techniques is not always a bad thing.  This is number 334 of 366 and it is a 10-inch block.

I never know where I will find Benny and today he was a little too quiet even for him. When I found him I had to take a picture.  This bag has a quilting project in it, and evidently he thought it was the perfect spot for a nap.  It almost looks like I could take him shopping in this bag.  Have a wonderful evening and Happy Stitching!!  

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