Friday, July 27, 2012

Hill and Valley

Today was a beautiful day.  The heat has finally let up again and it was only 79 degrees...wonderfully cool.  It has been so hot lately it has just been miserable.  We celebrated the cooler temps by opening the windows and shutting off the air conditioning.  The cool breeze reminds me that autumn is right around the corner.

Today's pattern called for using five different colors of green, and I was surprised I had that many in my collection for this project.  Basically it is a very interesting and bigger version of a flying geese block.  I think it should have a trunk on it because it looks like a tree to me.  This is a 9-inch block and is number 209 of 366.


Sara said...

What a great block:):):) I have a lot of green in my stash too. You never know just how much you have of one color until you start searching around for scraps!

Sarah Craig said...

Oh, that's a pretty block! I love all those greens... Whoop whoop!!