Monday, February 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday, Log Cabin Heart, and My Way of Doing Hexagons

How's that for the world's longest blog title? :)  Evidently it must mean I have a lot to talk about today.

First off is the design wall.  I did finish another block for my son's quilt, and then I realized I didn't cut enough half-square triangles, and then I realized I didn't have enough 2-inch squares for the corners...and then I realized I only had 5-1/2 inch strips left and you can't get 3-7/8 strips and 2-inch strips out of 5-1/2 inches.  After a major panic attack and cleaning session, I did find another fabric that I had bought with the rest of these and just never cut (I think the cutting became tedious and I gave up.)  Lesson learned, keep all of the fabric for a project TOGETHER.  Oh well, I found it, and my sewing room is neat and organized so everything is good.

Today's block is 4-1/2 inches, is called Log Cabin Heart, and is number 44 of 366.  Less than a week and I will be 50 blocks into this project.  :)

Now for the hexagon flowers.  When I put my hexagon flowers together I start by sewing all the outer hexagons to the center one.  This way I don't have to stop and start my thread, I just keep sewing all the way around the center hexagon, and I can take the time to match up my designs on the outer petals.

I will usually have about 10 with the middle's sewn before I start working on making them a complete flower.

The seams are then easy to stitch, you do one, knot and snip your thread and move on to the next seam.

You can quickly move around the flower and within minutes all six seams are done.  Because you already did the matching of patterns when you sewed around the center hexagon, you don't need to worry about which hexagon to add next.

I was in the car for an hour and 20 minutes on Saturday and finished 6 hexagon flowers this way.  I can't wait to hear how it helps you make these cute flowers quicker!

I'm linking today with Judy at Patchwork Times.  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen


Joanie's Quilts said...

Wow! You have been busy with so many neat quilty projects. I know you must be relieved to find the missing fabric to complete your son's quilt. Love your hexie flowers.

scraphappy said...

Great fabric for the hexagons. Glad you found fabric to finish up your sons quilt. The nicest thing about saving all the fabric for a quilt together is liberating all the scraps when the project is done. Like a tiny little Christmas day with every finish.

mtnquiltr said...

Love the bright colours on your son's quilt. I'm a fan of dots and I see you've got some pretty ones. Good find with the extra fabric, nothing worse than running out! The hexagons are so pretty, good work!

Teresa Felgueiras said...

So many different projects and all are so beautiful. I love your hexies flowers.

Christine L said...

Nice job with the Hexagons! Your quilt top is also going to look beautiful!