Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chimneys and Cornerstones and Some Progress

I'm going to show you the progress I made on my son's quilt first.  I'm actually really excited about it, and was surprised at what the block looks like when it is put together even with working on it as much as I have the last couple of days.

I hope all the rest of the blocks go together as well as this one did.  I did spend a little time picking which colors go where, and I'm hoping that I become a little more brave as I get further along with this one.  Blue isn't a color I work with a lot, and I have to say that I'm really enjoying it.  

Today's block, Chimneys and Cornerstones, is an 8-inch block and number 38 of 366.  I have never done a log cabin-type block before either, but this one was fun to do, and not as complicated as I thought it would be.  I did rotate where the colors are and some log cabin blocks seem to get so complicated with the color placement.  This is also such a stretch for me with the colors as I normally tend to be pretty subdued when it comes to color choices.  Tomorrow I'm going to try to get some quilting done.  We have a road trip ahead of us this weekend (just a day trip), and I love to put the binding on quilts in the car.  With everything we have going on this week that might be expecting a bit too much, but a person can always try.  And if there isn't a binding ready, there are always those hexagons that need some stitching.  

I'm linking today with Fabric Tuesday.  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Happy Stitching!!--Kristen


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Your sons quilt is really taking shape now, congrats and well done on keeping up with these other blocks. I really enjoy seeing them every day :o)

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your son's quilt is looking great, I love the blues and greens together. I love seeing your daily blocks too, you are doing so well!