Monday, January 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I'm back again...I know, I can't believe it either.  But, I finished another block, and I'm on a roll.

In my posting yesterday I started to tell you about this calendar.  I've had it for about the past 10 years and I put it on my desk every other year so I can be inspired by the quilt block for the day.  Every few years I toy with trying to make all 366 blocks.  I've made lists of the blocks by size (there are a lot of different sized blocks), and I've tried to design quilts for the blocks.  I never seem to get past that stage of planning, so I decided maybe I should just start making the blocks and go from there.  I did finish the block for yesterday which you can see here.  I have no idea if I will make all 366 blocks this year (its leap year), but I'm going to start.  I may miss a few, but after finishing these two I'm actually pretty excited about this.

There aren't detailed instructions on how to assemble the blocks, there are basically just measurements for the pieces and the pieces are lettered.  I did sew this together in thirds.

The name of this 12-inch block is Snowflake, and now I'm on the second day of my adventure.  Tomorrow looks to be a bit complicated, but the main reason I am doing this is to see what I can learn and to expand my horizons.  Is it a huge undertaking, you bet, but if I never try I will be no further than I was before, and the new year seems a great place to start.  I have eight yards of the background fabric and about 55 fat quarters of 30's fabrics...which means I'm out nothing and I'm using up my stash, which is another goal of mine for 2012.

I am linking with Patchwork Times.  Happy Stitching!!  --Kristen

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Kaye R said...

I have 2 years worth of calendars however every so often they give instructions to make the blocks into a quilt and are themed for the season, eg February is valentines. I eagerly watch your progress with this project. You haves sown a seed in my craft arena. : )