Monday, August 22, 2011

Farmer's Wife Blocks...finally

I've had the Farmer's wife book for well over a year now, I've printed the templates off and had them sitting with my book for months, and I've had the fabric for weeks, but I just couldn't find it in myself to start them, until today.  Why today?  Because the Marti Michell templates arrived and they seemed too good to be true.  I started at 9:15 p.m. cutting and I had two blocks finished by 9:45.  I'm not kidding.

This is block 16 Calico Puzzle.

Here is block number 21 Contrary Wife.

What took the most time?  Choosing which fabrics to use.  I would definitely recommend signing up for Marti's biweekly emails starting September 2.  The templates definitely make cutting out the pieces much easier.  I wasn't so sure about them, so I only purchased the B set of templates.  She is going to have a sale on them, but you have to get the emails to know what the dates will be.

I'm linking with Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday and BOMs Away.  I will be back tomorrow with the link for the Marti Mitchell emails and hopefully some more finished blocks as I am only about 10 weeks behind. :)  Happy stitching!  --Kristen


marcella said...

Oh, you Farmer's Wife quilters are killing me. I just cannot start one more project but you all posting your adorable blocks are making it really, really, really hard to resist! :-) Your blocks look great and it's good to hear the templates help so much. I'm sure you'll catch up in no time.

Lynette said...

These blocks are gorgeous in these fabrics! Are they reproductions? Nice to see a FW in traditionals. (And thanks for linking up at BOMs Away)

Yes! I love the Marti Mitchell templates for this type of project - I got a couple sets two years ago, and they serve me well from time to time.

Wendy said...

Kristen, you have made so many lovely blog posts lately, I love your vintage finds and all your work is gorgeous. Love these Farmers Wife quilt, I will have to look into the Mart Mitchell templates. Thanks for your lovely words on my blog.

Beth said...

I love your blocks. The colors are great. Thanks for mentioning the templates.