Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I know I did more than this...

This week has flown by and by the looks of it, it is only going to get worse.  I have had two days of vacation and although I've been working on a lot of things, one big quilt I am piecing won't be ready to show until late tomorrow night.  So, I will start with this and hopefully tomorrow I will have my quilt finished. :)
My son really likes this Chicks Candle Mat by Bareroots.  He says they look fuzzy.  We sat in the doctor's office for 4-1/2 hours on Friday, and I almost finished the whole thing while we waited.  Thank goodness I always have something packed in my purse to work on as I have a terrible time just sitting still and waiting.
Two more grandmother's flower garden blocks...well, 2-1/2 really, but I don't want to post the other one until it is finished.  It almost seems like I'm cheating if I post a picture of it before it is completed.  I'm getting excited as I have 20 blocks finished now.  We stopped at a quilt store (Olive Juice) in Onalaska, Wisconsin, this weekend, and I picked up 600 more hexagons so there is no chance of me running out now.

I'm actually having a lot of fun making a Christmas ornament a week.  This little baby ornament kit was given to me by my mom.  She had placed an order with Magic Cabin Dolls and they sent this as a gift.  The pattern is called Holly Baby Kit by Annima Designs.  The kit was made in England and everything is metric which messed me up a little son has been studying the metric system lately and he was ready and willing to help me convert the measurements.
Remember when I said I can't stand to sit still and do nothing?  Well, I wasn't kidding.  I also can't ride in the car and not do anything because when I look out the windows I get sick . So I knit, and I knit, and I knit.  And when I'm in the car most times I will make dishcloths as well as at baseball games, soccer practice, and basketball practice.  If I'm sitting I'm knitting.  This is from last summer. I give them as gifts and use them myself.  There used to be 50 in my pile, there are now 37.

I made these while riding to Onalaska for the pinewood derby, while at the derby, on the way home from the derby, and on the way to the Mall of America on Monday.  And I'm giving them away.  All you have to do to win two of them (we will have two winners) is post a comment that says you are commenting, have become a follower of my blog, have posted a link to my blog on your facebook or blog, and left a link to your blog.  So you can have four chances to win!  Your friends can win, you can win, and you can share with your friends.  Just please number your chances in your comment:  1. Comment, 2. Follower, 3. Facebook, 4. Blog link.  That's all you have to do.  We will draw the names on Tuesday, April 5.  Check back on Wednesday because I'll need to get your address so I can mail them to you. :)  If you aren't on facebook or have a blog, you can always tell a friend by mouth and include that for another chance.  Any questions....leave a comment with your question. :)  See you Wednesday, if not before.


Jackie said...

I follow and boy, you don't waste a minute of time=)

Merrilee said...

I linked to your blog on my Facebook. . . . hope I did it right. Love seeing what you are getting done!

Jamie P said...

We are followers!! Samantha likes the blue and green washcloth!!! Beautiful work as always.